Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fastest Referal Ever! =)

My friends from the last shoot just a few days ago had friends visiting from out of town this weekend and they had me come do photos during their visit! =)

What a fun family!   Their three teenage boys were great sports...

I love these ones in the woods...

What a great jump shot they pulled off!

No competition here =)

I love this one!

It was a pleasure meeting you all and I'm glad we were able to fit a shoot into your weekend visit! =)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Six People, Three Countries, One Family =)

This shoot was one of the most fun I've done yet! Partly because these are some of my favorite people and partly because I've been Dying to do this shoot since they got back from Ethiopia a few months ago with their youngest son!

The whole family!

I brought this chair along (a new prop I rescued from someone's trash) and asked the kids to each choose a different way to sit on it.   I love what they did!  =)

What a great looking couple!

Love this!

This pose was the Dad's idea, and it turned out great!

There was a Lot of piggy backing going on! =)

Thank you for letting me be the first one to do a shoot of your family of six!    What fun it was! =)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Harborwalk Engagement Session

This was a really fun shoot, with lots of outfit changes and backdrop and scenery galore! It's also pretty hard to get a bad picture of this couple. =)

We started the shoot at the place they first met, two years ago - how fun!

The ring is Stunning!

They were really good sports! =)

They're getting married on July 4th!

One of my favorites